Monday, August 21, 2017

Thorn Jack Instagrams

Earlier, one of my fav writers did this for her characters, and I thought it was a great idea. So here are what 6 of my main Thorn Jack characters would post on their Instagrams.

FINN: Piles of books she's reading. Interesting shots of the woods. Antique objects in moody lighting, casually staged.

JACK: Random shots of his boots, rings, and sedan. Moody pics of nature. Pics of his cat Black Jack Slade being ruthless or lazy.

CHRISTIE: Shots of his poems, handwritten in calligraphy. Pics of his favorite junk food. Artsy shots of his girlfriends' hair because he really loves their hair. And their lips.

SYLVIE: Selfies of her artfully mascaraed eyes. Pics of crazy theater friends. Shots of chic shoes with chunky heels she can't afford, ever.

PHOUKA: Pics of glittery things and anything elegant. Glamour shots of friends. Gorgeous pics of people and places that interest her in the moment.

ABSALOM: Random pictures he's taken of strange people. Edgy shots of architecture and statuary. Ironic pics of heart-shaped things.