Tuesday, August 18, 2020

10 Television Fantasy Series Characters You Need to Meet (2020)

Emma Larsimon (Marianne) A horror writer who returns to her hometown which is being haunted by her creation, a malevolent witch. Brave and flawed, Emma is uniquely French, and was once a teen troublemaker. 

Wei Wuxian (Untamed) A rule-breaker in an immaculate society of magical cultivators, he's a trickster on his way to becoming a dark anti-hero.

Rosa Steenwijk (Ares). Shes a biracial young woman with a chip on her shoulder, who might throw away her humanity to be among the wealthy elite in a secret society.

Ava Silva (Warrior Nun) An orphaned girl raised from the dead, she definitely has that Buffy vibe, European style.

Jo Yeong (The King: Eternal Monarch) He's the captain of the king's guard, his unbreakable sword, loyal to a fault, stoic and movie-star glam, a stern demeanor only made more charming when he meets his goofy doppelganger in a mirror world.

Anansi (American Gods) A tempestuous trickster god who speaks with an angry poetry and dresses like a vaudevillian gentleman. He speaks the funniest lines and the harshest truths.

Klaus Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy) A walking id with a heart of gold, he has a serious power--he can see and speak with the dead. 

The Weeping Monk (Cursed) Brooding and on the wrong side of the narrative, he's a mystery shrouded in a hood and hunting down faery folk.

Mrs. Coulter (His Dark Materials) Her familiar is a golden ape. Despite her sophistication, she has a feral side that is terrifying when she's angry.

Yennifer (the Witcher) A sorceress whose rise to mercenary is brutal but fascinating, the facets of her character both strong and compassionate.

(Images courtesy of Netflix)