Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Characters of Thorn Jack: Phouka Fata

(no spoilers)

Phouka Fata is the chauffeur/lieutenant/cousin to Reiko Fata, the ruler of the Fata family. She's also the hero Jack Fata's friend and confidante. Her motives are ambiguous at best. While her favorite era seems to be the '70s and her style punk-rock chic mixed with girl-next-door, Jack suspects she's much older than she seems. While she appears to be completely loyal to Reiko Fata (and tries to seduce the heroine's friend Christie Hart), she seems less likely to cause harm--although she's no less perilous than the other Fatas.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Early Praise for Thorn Jack!

Here are some great things said about THORN JACK, coming out June 24!

PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY: 'Harbour finds some new ground in this twisty, contemporary reworking of the oft-retold Scottish ballad 'Tam Lin.'

RT BOOK REVIEWS: 'Harbour delivers an excellent, promising debut novel.' (Four stars out of four and a half.)

BARNES AND NOBLE BOOKSELLERS PICK: '('Tam Lin') emerges again, artfully recreated by debut novelist Katherine Harbour.'

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The Characters of Thorn Jack: Caliban Ariel'Pan

(no spoilers)

Caliban Ariel'Pan is a Fata with the face of an angel and the personality of a beast. He is the crom cu, the crooked dog, and may once have been mortal, the son of a chieftain from a Celtic tribe. Caliban was made into a Jack by a Fata queen (known as the Snow Queen), who wanted strong warriors, and , like most mortals touched by the Fatas and made immortal or turned into creatures, he lost his mind. His shadow form is that of a monstrous, white hyena. He serves Seth Lot, the Wolf king, and wears rings that are trophies from his victims. And he's jealous of Jack Fata because Jack is the lover of Reiko Fata, the ruler of Fair Hollow's Fata family...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Characters of Thorn Jack: Reiko Fata

(slight spoilers)

Reiko Fata is the ruler of the mysterious and eccentric Fata family. Although she appears to be a young woman, she is immortal, a child of nothing and night, and has moved through the true world as a model and an actress, her consort, David Ryder, a Fata and a knight. Her lover is Jack Fata, who is one of the 'family' and under a bitter spell of desire and hate. Other Fatas call her the ban nathair, the white snake. No one in Fair Hollow knows that the Fata family nest in the ruins of the once-magnificent Tirnagoth Hotel, an art nouveau masterpiece built by a wealthy man in the 1920s. No one in Fair Hollow knows that the Fatas are outlaws of their kind . . .