Tuesday, July 29, 2014

San Diego Comic Con: How I Tried to See Everything in One Day

I was able to attend SDCC courtesy of the panel Fairy Tale Remix, which I shared with authors Marissa Marr, Danielle Paige, Cornelia Funke, Tony DiTerlizzi, Shannon Hale, Ben Tripp, and John Peck. They've all written fantastic books. Ben Tripp's and John Peck's will be coming out soon.

Introverts like me aren't the best at public speaking, but it was surprisingly non-nerve-wracking. (Or maybe that was the jet lag, as I'd just gotten off a plane 2 hours earlier.) I do wish the panel had been a little longer, as everyone had intriguing things to say about old stories made new again. I think the best comment, from Shannon Hale, was that what we write is fan fiction.

After the book signing and meeting my agent Thao Le for lunch,https://twitter.com/ThaoLe8/status/492491753430065153/photo/1 I spent the next several hours swimming through a sea of amazingly non-aggressive people in the Exhibitor's Hall, (aka Nerd Heaven) and discovered that we nerds come in all ages. From film and TV exhibits, to artists and sculptors and toy makers, book publishers small and large, and probably every comic book or action figure ever made, there was a multitude of merch to choose from.

Here are some pictures that I managed while searching for something cool for my 13-year-old nephew and a souvenir for me and trying to avoid going broke.

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