Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Trunk Novels: Books I Never Finished

They're the books that almost made it, but didn't quite get completed, or reach a final draft. They're the forgotten, the abandoned, the trunk novels...

ElfBlood: An epic fantasy about a war between Faeries and Elves. Lots of world-building.

TatterSleeves: Set on a fictional tropical island during the Victorian era, this one is about a young woman and her cousins who discover that her imaginary friend, a beautiful young man, is, in fact, real, and dangerous.

Halcyon Summer: A fantasy set in a world resembling a modern Renaissance Venice, with masked citizens and creepy saints and a grotesque killer called the Imago stalking the scattered siblings of a boy named Halcyon.

Liquid Air: A ghost story. A troubled young man learns that a twin brother and sister from a family that became rich making perfumes died in his house in the sixties, and that they might have a tragic connection to him.

The Butterfly Hotel: An urban fantasy set in a Florida resort town, where a young woman who is a witch falls in love with a young man harboring a dark secret.

AngelDust: Three young people in contemporary America are seduced by a fallen angel and learn there are others, who, when close to him, metamorphose into terrible or beautiful creatures.

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  1. I have so many trunk novels. LOL! Some of these, with tweaking, could make good short stories or novellas!