Monday, October 26, 2015

Ten Very Scary Foreign Films

It's that time of the year again and here is a list of 10 of my favorite foreign horror films, not in any particular order. Some are scary, some are sad, some are touched with fantasy.

1) THE COMPANY OF WOLVES (English) Werewolves! Based on Angela Carter's novel The Bloody Chamber

2) THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE (Spanish) Ghosts and tragedy

3) SUSPIRIA and INFERNO (Italian) Creepy witches and lots of weirdness. Blood

4) THE HAUNTING (NO DO, THE BECKONING) (Spanish) Evil elementals and tragedy

5) THE BABADOOK (Australian) A scary thing from a book becomes real

6) THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE WOLF (French) The Beast of Gevaudan before the French Revolution

7) VOICES (Japanese) Something insidious infects a schoolgirl's friends and family

8) A TALE OF TWO SISTERS (Korean) Again, ghosts and tragedy

9) OUTCAST (Irish) A gory and modern horror tale about the Tuatha de Danaan and the Fomori.

10) THE HAUNTING OF HELENA (Italian) A gory and modern ghost tale. The Tooth Fairy!

So, enjoy. Just keep the lights on!

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  1. Ringu is scary! The original. I haven't seen the last three. Am looking them up today. Great list of films. :Waving: