Monday, November 9, 2015

Pinkie's Picks: Readers' Theater by Nancy K. Wallace

Pinkie welcomes Nancy K. Wallace, the author of Readers' Theater: How to Put On a Production Set II. (Magic Wagon, a division of ABDO 2015) 

Nancy is the author of nineteen children's books and a full time Youth Services Librarian. Her first adult fantasy, Among Wolves (Harper Voyager UK) was released as an E-book in 2015. The sequel follows July 18, 2016.

PINKIE ASKS: What is your favorite childhood book?

NANCY: "The Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald, one of my mother's favorite childhood books, became my favorite as she read it to my older siblings and me. It gave me my first glimpses of fantastic worlds that presumably lay within mine only waiting to be discovered. Princess Irene's castle with its labyrinth of unexplored corridors and rooms, made me certain that my childhood home held an equal number of amazing places just waiting for me to stumble upon them! To this day, I dream that my house has rooms I have only just discovered, full of wonderful possibilities! I believe that this particular book sent me headlong into the arms of Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as I grew older, making that first taste of fantasy all the sweeter for having been revealed to me at such an early age!"

PINKIE'S PICK: Readers' Theater: How to Put On a Production Set II offers a series of six fully illustrated scripts for elementary school students highlighting a year of holidays. Great for school or library productions, they would also make the perfect holiday gift for any budding thespian. Tips for costumes, sound effects,and makeup add to the fun. All scripts are color coded so kids can easily find their parts. A Teacher's Guide can be downloaded at

Titles include: Groundhogs and Guinea Pigs Fettuccine and Four-Leaf Clovers, Pickles and Parks, Medals and Memorials, Ghosts and Gummy Worms, and Turkey and Takeout. Sold separately or as a set they are available from ABDO, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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