Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What to bring to the RT Booklovers' Convention (Writer version)

SO LIKE CINDERELLA back from the ball, I returned from the marathon of the RT Booklover's Con, back to life as a bookseller and a writer trying to perfect her next book. I've written 2 posts that I hope will help anyone attending in the future.

This post is about Some Things I Wish I'd Brought

Comfortable walking shoes or insoles: Because there is a LOT of walking. Carts were provided for transport, but I needed the exercise

Anti-static cling spray: For the dresses I never usually wear, with tights

A watch: While running around, it was a pain to keep digging out my phone and checking the time

Here are Some Things You Should Make Sure You Have

Water: Make sure, on the first day, you find a water source nearby, especially if you don't like tap water or paying 3 bucks for a little bottle.

Snack bars: For when your stomach starts grumbling during a panel and you get embarrassed

Your phone: Obviously. Mine broke while I was there. You'll want to live tweet and take pics

Swag, Swag, Swag!: Be inventive. I've seen earbuds, charm bracelets, bottle openers, blinged-out bookmarks, notepads, postcards, trading cards of book characters, pins, and pens. I made flower headbands for one event, in keeping with my dark faery theme.
     NOTE: Check that your swag is where it's supposed to be, especially if you paid for it to be in certain swag bags or in Promotional Alley. The staff are uber-reliable, but it'll help your peace of mind.

Cool stuff: Bring small talismans/totems/mascots with which to decorate your assigned space, whether it be for an event, a panel, or a signing.

Free books: To give away. My publisher did this at an event, and they vanished in half an hour. Bloggers, booksellers and librarians attend RT Booklover's Con, as do future fans. Book giveaways are great promo.

To be continued...

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