Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fantastic Fantasy Finds: Humility Garden by Felicity Savage


It's difficult to describe this surreal dark fantasy. The characters aren't human, but humanoid, with feline, avian, and dragon-like qualities. The heroine, Humility Garden, lives in a land that mirrors both the Victorian and the French Revolution eras. She's a ghostier, an artist who murders, turning people into works of art, yet her story arc is a Brontean one of tragedy and triumph.

Then she meets Arity, who is from a race considered to be gods--winged and green-skinned and beautiful. He becomes her lover in this nightmarish and elegant world, where treachery is a common practice. Although the characters are basically all anti-heroes and not human, they have poignantly human qualities. The world of Salt is immoral and decadent, with its manners and murderous magic.

The sequel, Delta City, continues Humility's and Arity's story. The villain, Pati, a god and former lover of Arity's, now rules, Humility and Arity are separated, and a rebellion is brewing.

With its lyrical language and wildly imaginative world building and complicated characters, this duology is a treat for anyone looking for something a little different.

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