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Real queens' lives were chained to womanly duties and a future hinged on producing a male heir. So, writers of fictional queens probably don't want to follow the real-life rule book. Here are ten things a bad-ass queen does:

1.POLITICAL NAVIGATOR: Diplomacy. Monarchs deal with ambassadors and emissaries from other lands, as well as local leaders, guild lords, and the common people.

2.COMMANDER OF ARMED FORCES: She doesn't have to actually lead an army into battle, but she should know tactics, geography, strategies. Keep in mind she'll also have fleets, whether on the sea or in the air. (You know, airships).

3.PROTECTOR OF THE PEOPLE: She's the one in charge of disputes, local and foreign. Her word is law, unless she has a body of fellow politicians to advise her. Or keep her in check.

4.HEAD OF STATE: The Law. The queen decides who goes to prison. Who is executed or released. What laws are passed.

5.MISTRESS OF SPIES: The spymaster should report to her. Your queen can also be a conniving force if she is wed to a king and mingles with other royals, which brings us to . . .

6.SOCIAL BUTTERFLY: She'll attend events that will solidify alliances. Balls and celebrations. She'll circulate only with those she's interested in. She can love this role or dread it.

7.SPIRITUAL FIGUREHEAD: Whatever religion is most prevalent in the realm--that'll be hers. She should be attending church/stepping into temples/performing rituals in the forest. She doesn't need to keep her spirituality a secret unless you want her to.

8.FASHIONISTA: She'll be inspiring fashions. So will her companions. Even kings are considered fashion plates, with the court echoing their rulers' wardrobes.

9.MISTRESS OF THE HOUSEHOLD: Mostly, your queen will be in charge of the staff who run the staff. But she'll know where all the secret places are, the hidden passages, concealed rooms, and oubliettes.

10.SPORTSWOMAN: Horseback riding, croquet, tennis, hunting. Whatever gets a queen out of the castle.

So give your fictional queen her duties. Present her with obstacles and goals that will enrich her character and drive the plot.

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