Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ten Favorite Urban Fantasy Books Part Two

So here are the others:

Among Others by Jo Walton: A teenage girl who loves science fiction novels and whose twin sister's death was caused by her mad mother, attends a boarding school in England, where the magic she is used to in Wales is scarce.

Tithe by Holly Black: A sixteen-year-old girl learns she's a changeling when the world of faery presents itself in the form of a beautiful elf knight and his weird and dangerous enemies.

Waking the Moon by Elizabeth Hand: A young woman attends an eccentric college in Washington D.C. and makes two intriguing friends whose fates are entwined with the resurrection of an ancient goddess cult.

Daughter of Hounds by Caitlin Kiernan: A dark fantasy set in New York, this time about a changeling named Soldier, a young woman who is one of the soldiers of the Cuckoo, monsters who abduct human children to serve them. It's also the story of a little girl called Emmie who can see those monsters.

Moonwise by Greer Gilman: In modern England, a young woman named Ariane must rescue her best friend from the otherworldly forest that has drawn her in. A story of friendship told in strange and bewitching prose.

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