Friday, March 14, 2014

A Writer's Day/Night

(Illustration: The cruel and elusive Muse)

WHAT I IMAGINED: Waking up early in the morning and having coffee on the balcony while outlining or researching a book. Maybe going to a coffeehouse.

THE REALITY: Dragging out of bed late in the morning due to staying up late obsessing over a plot problem. Drinking a can of espresso during two hours of checking emails and social networking.

IMAGINED: A constant stream of fabulous ideas.
THE REALITY: As usual, the best ideas still hit just before sleep (hence, the dragging out of bed in the morning).

IMAGINED: Being more energetic with only a part-time job and full-time writing.
THE REALITY: Realizing exercise or yoga or something is needed after being hunched over a computer, desk, or book most of the day. Feeling like a pretzel. Drinking way more caffeine.

IMAGINED: Saying clever things on social neworks and giving out advice while creating a magical experience.
THE REALITY: Strugging to say clever things on social networks and getting distracted by GoodReads and Pinterest.

IMAGINED: Time to write short stories and plan other books while writing devastatingly gorgeous prose and intriguing characters for my current book.
THE REALITY: Errands, house cleaning, playing with the cat, appointments, etc; know, life.

IMAGINED: Efficiently and perfectly completing revisions while telling myself I love revising.
THE REALITY: Panic that the revision might not be finished, while realizing I don't love revising as much as I thought I did. Clutching the manuscript and growling "You again?"

IMAGINED: Getting lost in the world and characters I've created while listening to inspiring music, surrounded by candles with witchy scents--sandalwood, patchouli, midsummer's night--and perusing magazines with great photos and old books of folklore.
THE REALITY: Music, witchy candles, magazines, and books on folklore are expensive, so, not so much.
Realizing that writing isn't a job. It's a fantastic, satisfying way of life that requires discipline and a nurtured imagination. And, so far, it hasn't stopped being fun.


  1. IMAGINED: spending my day writing my novels whilst the money keeps rolling in from previously published books.
    REALITY: Money trickles through like a tap that’s not been completely closed. Not enough money being made to buy an espresso by the end of the week.
    IMAGINED: Waking up in the morning and sitting by the laptop, ready to continue my job, which is to simply write great fantasy.
    REALITY: Waking up and getting ready for my daytime job that has nothing to do with writing. Getting home so tired and late that I hardly have the energy to sit and work on my next chapter—life as an author is still eluding me.

    Just thought I would add some of my own experiences, thanks for posting

    Alex George
    Author: Under the Dragon's Claw

    1. I know how THAT feels, believe me. While working 2 jobs (and one of them was cleaning houses) and sometimes 12 hour days, I don't know how I had time to write. After sending out 10 different books and being rejected a million times (ok, that was an exaggeration) I also don't know why I kept writing and revising. There were nuggets of encouragement from professionals, a few close calls that sent me into the depths of despair when they eventually didn't pan out, and the desperate knowledge that I had worked so hard and for so many years to be good at this. What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? That was me. All I can say is, if you really believe in your work, don't give up. Remember, it only takes one YES among all those rejections.