Friday, June 13, 2014

The Characters of Thorn Jack: Caliban Ariel'Pan

(no spoilers)

Caliban Ariel'Pan is a Fata with the face of an angel and the personality of a beast. He is the crom cu, the crooked dog, and may once have been mortal, the son of a chieftain from a Celtic tribe. Caliban was made into a Jack by a Fata queen (known as the Snow Queen), who wanted strong warriors, and , like most mortals touched by the Fatas and made immortal or turned into creatures, he lost his mind. His shadow form is that of a monstrous, white hyena. He serves Seth Lot, the Wolf king, and wears rings that are trophies from his victims. And he's jealous of Jack Fata because Jack is the lover of Reiko Fata, the ruler of Fair Hollow's Fata family...

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