Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Characters of Thorn Jack: Reiko Fata

(slight spoilers)

Reiko Fata is the ruler of the mysterious and eccentric Fata family. Although she appears to be a young woman, she is immortal, a child of nothing and night, and has moved through the true world as a model and an actress, her consort, David Ryder, a Fata and a knight. Her lover is Jack Fata, who is one of the 'family' and under a bitter spell of desire and hate. Other Fatas call her the ban nathair, the white snake. No one in Fair Hollow knows that the Fata family nest in the ruins of the once-magnificent Tirnagoth Hotel, an art nouveau masterpiece built by a wealthy man in the 1920s. No one in Fair Hollow knows that the Fatas are outlaws of their kind . . .

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