Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Characters of Thorn Jack: Christie Hart

(No spoilers)
Christie/Christopher Hart, eighteen, befriends Finn when she first moves to Fair Hollow, almost next door. His last name, 'Hart,' means a stag, which suits his personality. He's the seventh son among six brothers--Liam, Nick, Donovan, Kiernan, Conal, and Aidan--who continue to hang around their rambling, Victorian house. Charisma Danegeld, his mother, is a teacher, and his father, Patrick Hart, is a manager at the Ogun metalworking plant. Christie's hobbies, chief of which among them is young women, are fencing, basketball, and poetry. Attending HallowHeart, he's a liberal arts major with an emphasis on Romantic poetry and in the midst of wanting to be a writer or switching to something practical. His friends are Sylvie Whitethorn, the privileged Aubrey Drake, Hester Kierney, and Nick and Victoria Tudor, as well as the loner, Micah Govannon. Christie's soon drawn to the alluring Phouka Fata, Reiko Fata's lieutenant.
Flirtatious and charismatic, Christie learns his destiny is much more complicated and weirder than he expected.

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