Monday, May 5, 2014

The Characters of Thorn Jack: Jack Hawthorn

     Jack was born in Victorian era Ireland, his Hungarian father a coachman (and an exorcist), his mother Irish Romany and a talented violinist. They taught Jack all of these things. When he was seventeen, he left his father after his mother died and came to the attention of an aristocratic family led by the lupine and elegant Seth Lot, and Reiko Fata, the alluring young woman who lures Jack into the terrifying and liminal world of spirits, abandoned places,and monsters.
     Jack becomes a monster himself, one who serves the Fatas, an immortal killer and seducer, a Jack, his heart removed, his body stitched up with an alchemy of magical roses to keep it alive. And the only way for him to be free of the Fatas is to fall in love and grow a heart.
     When he first meets Finn, he is the Elf Knight, a soulless and heartless creature that seduces for the thrill of it; their encounter is all artifice and glamor. Finn breaks free of his spell. It isn't until their second conversation, in her kitchen, when Jack is himself, that Finn begins to see Jack as a kindred spirit. Soon, he becomes her guide through the world of the Fatas,the faery folk, the ancient dead . . .

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