Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Characters of Thorn Jack: Sylvie Whitethorn

(Vague Spoiler)
Sylvie Whitethorn, 17-18, befriends Finn shortly after Finn and her dad move to Fair Hollow, New York, where Sylvie lives with her father, Samuel Whitethorn and her stepmom, Kim. Her father, who is Finnish, owns a salvage/antique shop called Whiskey and Pearls. Her blond stepmom is a Pilates instructor.
Sylvie's mom, Hikaru Miko, a Japanese actress who divorced Sylvie's dad, gave Sylvie the middle name of Sakura, which means 'cherry blossom.' Her father named her Sylvia, which means 'girl of the forest.'
Attending HallowHeart College as a performing arts major, Sylvie aspires to be an actress. Her hobbies are archery, collecting pretty weapons at Renaissance fairs, and making steampunk jewelry. Her friends are the fashionable and economically fortunate Hester Kierney and Aubrey Drake, as well as Christie Hart, whom she's known since childhood.
Sylvie's grandmother was a yama bushi, who spoke to spirits, and her Japanese mother, whom she doesn't speak to, is Shinto.
And Sylvie was once targeted to be stolen by the Fatas when she was an infant . . .

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